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Allotment News

Allotments News Update 2014

The allotment site alongside Surville Cemetery has now been running for nine months and has seen a very vibrant group of people growing not only vegetables but fruit, herbs and flowers as well. The site has been well run, with a very active committee who liaise closely with the Parish over any issues or site improvements. The site is unique as no sheds have been erected, mainly due to the group wanting to maximise the growing area available. Tool boxes have been the preferred choice.

Suggestions for the coming season are to embark on a wild life study on the site, to include bird life, butterflies and any other visitors, furry or feathered.

A new potential site situated off Rue de la Hauteur was to become available this spring as we currently have a waiting list of approximately 60 potential interested parties waiting for a plot of their own. This is at present on hold as we realise that this new site may not meet the travel or parking requirements of those living some distance from the site, due to the no parking availability on site or on neighbouring private roads, therefore making this area more favourable for residents who live in close proximity.

In the meantime, St Helier's Parks Department will be using the south part of this field for their crop growing this year. The north part will be put down to a grass ley. There will be no allotment work on this site until a decision on the matter has been made by the Parish Assembly at a later date.

The Parish is still actively looking for additional sites to help satisfy the requirements of parishioners who wish to grow their own crops and enjoy the outside life. 

Talking with some of the other allotment holders is very rewarding; they all have a genuine reason for growing, and are reaping the benefits of being outdoors and undertaking exercise at their own pace. The community spirit that has grown with the social side is certainly a wonderful bonus.

For more information please contact Tony Andrews at the Municipal Services Depot on 811700 or email


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