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Battle of Flowers

Once again in 2012 the Parish of St Helier entered a successful float into the Battle of Flowers entitled 'What the Dickens!', celebrating 200 years of Charles Dickens. The float was based on 'food, glorious food' from Oliver Twist and included a large trifle, Christmas pudding and blancmange.


Battle of Flowers1

 2012's Jr. Miss St Helier: Jessica Figueira, Mr St Helier: Alex Bolton,

and Miss St Helier: Carla Gouveia


Battle of Flowers2



Battle of Flowers3









In 2011, the Parish won four awards for its New Jersey-themed float, being the Prix d'Excellence de Papier, the Best Two Dimensional Paper, the Best Set Piece Paper and the class prize:-

Battle of Flowers 2011

The St Helier Battle of Flowers group is a welcoming group of people keen to create a community atmosphere. All islanders are welcome to join in. For further information please contact Alain Baudains on 07797 832597 or