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Avranches Day Nursery

Nursery photoAvranches Day Nursery, which is situated on Trinity Hill, opened in 1994 and is registered under the Day Care of Children (Jersey) Law to care for up to 92 children. We can care for children from 3 months old to school entry age.

Our aim is to provide a real foundation for the future and encourage learning for each child in our care. We maintain a warm, friendly, stimulating and safe environment where children are encouraged to reach their full potential with the support of our dedicated, professional teams. Children are treated with respect and are encouraged to have respect for others.

Our Qualifications & Policies
Our experience and professional staff are fully qualified in child care and education and undertake continuous professioal development throughout the year. We are accredited in Baby Effective Early Learning ('BEEL') and use the Under 3's Quality framework for the children under three years. We are accredited in Effective Early Learning ('EEL') and use the Pre-School Quality framework for children age 3 to 5 years.

The staffing ratios are as follows:
Over 3 years - 1 adult per 8 children
2-3 years - 1 adult per 4 children
Under 2 years - 1 adult per 3 childrenNursery photo

We comply with the recommendations of the States' Environmental Health Department - a booklet is kept at the Nursery should parents or guardians wish to read it on request.

Starting Nursery
When a child begins at our Nursery we encourage parents and guardians to stay with the child as the period of separation is slowly lengthened until your child is settled and confident. The time needed for adjustment will vary from child to child. Each child will have a designated 'keyworker' in each nursery room.  Keyworkers and parents are encouraged to develop a mutually supportive relationship to ensure continuity of care from home to the nursery. The development of a child is recorded by staff in personal learning journeys, which the parent or guardian are welcome to read and contribute to at any time.

Activities & Outings
A wide range of activities and experiences are provided to help the children to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially, in line with current recommendations. Outings are an important part of nursery life and are arranged as often as possible. We have a minibus which is equipped with child safety seats and full insurance. We also use other forms of transport such as the local bus and Le Petit Train and sometimes go for walks.
Nursery photo

 How to reserve a place with us
An application form to reserve a place at the nursery can be completed online.
When a nursery place becomes available, you will be contacted by the Practice Manager and a confirmation form must be completed and signed by the parents or guardians.


A deposit will be paid by the parent or guardian to the Nursery on acceptance of the offer.  Payment of fees for the child's attendance should be made monthly in advance by direct debit.

Nursery Charges

From 1st September 2016, for children 0-3 years not accessing Nursery Education Fund (NEF).

Session Times
Full time per day/week:    7.30am-5.30pm : includes all snacks & lunches
Short day/week:               7.30am-2.30pm/8am - 3pm : includes snacks & lunches
Morning per week:            7.30am-1pm : includes morning snacks & lunches
Afternoon per week:         1pm-5.30pm : includes afternoon snacks

Priority will be given to children attending nursery five days a week; there must be a minimum of two sessions per week on full days and short days only.

Session Fees
Full week sessions (assumes a 5 day attendance)

   0 - 1 yrs 1 - 2 yrs  2 yrs +
Full Time ( max 50 hrs)  £358.49  £311.24  £274.26
Short week (max 35 hrs)   £269.12  £263.99  £231.12
Mornings (max 27½ hrs)   £215.71  £205.44  £179.76
Afternoons (max 22½ hrs)   £173.59  £168.46  £136.62
Full day (10 hrs per day)   £86.28  £74.98  £66.25
Short day (7 hrs per day)   £64.20  £57.01  £51.36
Extra hours per hour   £11.61  £11.61  £8.94

Please note that the Parish also enforces a late collection charge after 5.30pm of £26.71 for all ages.

As working parents, you may be eligible for Income Support.  Please contact the States' Employment and Social Security Department on (01534) 445505.

Nursery Education Fund

Children accessing NEF will be charged at an hourly rate of £5.15 for additional hours required and £2.10 per lunch per day.

Contact Avranches Day Nursery
Balmoral Drive
Le Mont de la Trinité
St Helier

Nursery Coordinator: Linda Le Marquard

Practice Manager: Carole Luce
Phone: (01534) 811719

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
7.30am - 5.30pm
The nursery is closed on Bank Holidays and between Christmas and New Year.
(Christmas Eve 2pm finish, re-opening 2nd January or equivalent day should 2nd January fall on a weekend). Please see notice boards to confirm times.