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Community in Bloom

Britain in Bloom

Since it started back in 1963, Britain in Bloom has grown into the largest horticultural campaign in Europe. Every year, hundreds of communities all bring a great deal of horticultural skill and enthusiasm to one common aim: to regenerate local environments by the imaginative planting of trees and shrubs, flowers and landscaping and by dealing with local environmental issues.

Each region organises their own competition, the winners of which become finalists on a national level and are judged by RHS experts.

The Regional Competition takes place during July, and the announcement of winners and awards ceremony takes place in October.

New volunteers are always welcome to join the Group. Please contact Tony Andrews on 811700 or email for more information.

Also find updates on Facebook link below:


The Bloom group meets on the last Thursday every month at the Town Hall. More information is available from Tony Andrews, details as above.