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Driving Licences

What is the minimum age for a driving licence?
16 Years: Moped, Invalid carriage, Agricultural tractor (with or without trailer), Mowing machine/Pedestrian-controlled vehicle.
17 Years: Small passenger vehicle/Small goods vehicle, Motor tricycle, Light motorcycle.
18 Years: Medium goods vehicle/Small goods vehicle, Motor tricycle, Light motorcycle.
21 Years: Large passenger-carrying vehicle, Track-laying vehicle, Large goods vehicle.

An application for a driving licence may only be made once you attain the appropriate age.

First time applicants have to apply in person.  

How do I apply for a provisional driving licence?
A provisional licence is valid for six months and costs £20.
You must apply for this licence at the Town Hall in person. A second provisional licence may be granted, provided you can show that you have attempted to take the appropriate test within the six month period.

First time applicants have to apply in person.  

How do I apply for a full driving licence?
A driving licence is valid for ten years and costs £50.
To apply for a full driving licence, please call the Town Hall on 811811 and we will post an application form to you. You must then complete the application form and provide the following information;
- One colour passport photograph (taken within six months of the application date); and
- Your latest driving licence or your provisional licence and pass certificate.
- First time applicants have to apply in person.  
Fast-Track Service
If your licence is required at short notice then the Parish can offer a fast-track service for an additional £25 administration charge. This service will ensure your licence is ready for collection the same day, providing all your documents are received no later than 12 noon. Please note that you are required to bring with you proof of your address, such as a utility bill, when you collect the licence. Alternatively, the turnaround for processing licences varies from ten to fifteen working days depending on the workload.


What shall I do if my licence has been lost/stolen/damaged?
Contact the Town Hall on 811811 and we will send you an application form for a duplicate licence. The price of replacing a licence differs depending on the type of licence you have, and we can give you these details once we know more information. The duplicate licence will be valid for the same period as that of the licence which it replaces.

If you are residing in Jersey from another country
A full valid driving licence (not provisional) from the following countries may be surrendered in exchange for a Jersey driving licence:-
Alderney, Australia, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, British Columbia, British Virgin Islands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Falkland Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

If you hold a driving licence from a country not on the list above, you must sit both the theory and practical Jersey driving test.

How do I apply for a licence following a period of disqualification?
If the court has ordered a passing of driving test, the same procedure applies as when first applying for a driving licence. Once the period of disqualification has finished, an application for a provisional licence should be made.

If you have previously held a:
- Light/Heavy motorcycle
- Heavy goods/with or without trailer
- Large passenger/with or without trailer
and wish to regain these licences, you must pass separate driving tests.
If you have previously held a licence for higher categories (such as Minibus or Large passenger), you can apply for a provisional licence and take the driving test for the higher category. If successful, you will be granted the licence once more.

In all categories of tests, both the theory and practical tests must be passed - the theory before the practical. Any theory certificates passed prior to disqualification are invalid.

CBT pass certificates do not become invalid at disqualification. All motorcycle test applicants must produce a valid CBT pass certificate at booking and sitting the practical test.


If you wish to apply for a driving licence, please call the Town Hall on 811811 and we will post an application form to you.