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Liberation Day Service

A service and celebration to mark the 71st anniversary of the Liberation of Jersey will be held in Liberation Square, St Helier, at 11am on Tuesday 9 May 2017. Reserved seating (which must be occupied no later than 10.30am) is available in two areas and will be allocated by the Parishes as follows:

  • Parish Senior Citizens - those who were resident in Jersey during the Occupation, those evacuated or those serving in the forces at that time (this area includes space for wheelchairs and carers/escorts); and
  • Parishioners - families and individuals of any age resident in the Parish who wish to attend this event.

Applications for tickets should be received no later than Friday 21 April 2017.

An application form for seats at the Liberation Day Service in Liberation Square is available  from the reception at the Town Hall.


For further information please contact Jane Skelhorn on tel: 811823 or