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Honorary Police


Honorary Police

The role of the honorary police in each parish is to maintain law and order in the community. Honorary policing is a voluntary service that has been part of Jersey life for hundreds of years and is considered to be the envy of many communities outside the Island.

There are many ways in which you can serve the community by joining the honorary police. The honorary police do more then road checks, attend road accidents and police public events - they also undertake a variety of other duties and can provide help, advice and solutions in many situations of minor nature where a formal investigation by the states of Jersey police may not be required.

There is a friendly welcome to anyone who is able to give a little time to the Parish as an Honorary Police Officer. If you are aged between 20 and 69, are a resident of St Helier, have some spare time and would like to help the community and become more involved, then please contact the Honorary Police Administrator for St Helier on 811890 or email

St Helier Honorary Police consists of 10 Centeniers, 11 Vingteniers and 33 Constable's Officers, all of whom work entirely on an unpaid voluntary basis. The term of office for all Police ranks is three years, with Constable, Centeniers, Vingteniers and Constable's Officers being elected by the whole Parish.


Training is essential and a variety of courses are available to ensure an officer is able to carry out his/her duties. Honorary police officers are required to complete a basic foundation course. Once this foundation course has been completed there are a number of additional courses which can be undertaken.


Honorary Police officers not only provide a valuable service to their parish and community, but they also gain confidence from the duties undertaken and learn new skills through the training they receive and situations they experience. Skills that transfer directly to the workplace include communication and negotiation skills, calmness under pressure, problem solving, management skills and many others.


Honorary policing is not just about undertaking duties - there is also a social side. Parishes have teams responsible for organising social events for the officers and their families, e.g. BBQ's and quiz nights. There are also a number of Island-wide functions such as dinners, clay pigeon shooting, p├ętanque and golf. Come and join us, make new friends and make a valuable contribution to your Parish.

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Contact the Duty Centenier
Phone: 07829 722227

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