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  • The Parish of St Helier is an equal opportunities employer

Join the team at the Parish of St Helier

Application forms and job descriptions for the following position/s can be obtained below:

  • Manager/Superintendent of Parks, Gardens & Open Spaces (Replacement Post) - Pay Equivalent to Civil Service Grade 9

Are you highly motivated and looking for an exciting challenge?

The Parish is seeking an individual who can manage effectively the employees and services provided by the Parks & Open Spaces Department, ensuring the highest level of service provision to the public.

Applicants should have an excellent track record in their field, with strong communication & supervisory skills/experience. They should preferably  hold recognised qualifications in Amenity Horticulture, Management & Health & Safety. Knowledge of Microsoft Office products & a clean driving licence are essential.

Closing date: 29th March 2017

  • Relief/Bank Domestics for Residential Homes

The Parish is looking to increase its number of bank staff; fluctuating hours of work to cover holidays etc. are available. Previous experience would be advantageous.

  •  Technical Support Engineer (Replacement Post) 

Are you experienced in construction detailing & knowledgeable in specifiying materials?

The Technical and Environmental Services Department are seeking a Technical Support Engineer to assist in the management of engineering/construction projects and a programme of maintenance and refurbishment of its sizable roads and property portfolio.

Applicants should have some background in civil/structural enginnering, architectural design or be an experienced site operative. AutoCAD experience is essential. Pay is equivalent to Civil Service Grade 6 - 8  (£27,609 - £38,968)dependent on experience; there is the opportunity for progression within a friendly work environment. 

If you require any further assistance, please contact: 

Mrs A. Sweeney, FCIPD,  Director & Human Resources Manager 

Human Resources Department                                

Parish of St Helier 
PO Box 50,
York Street
St Helier
JE4 8PA      

Tel: 811880 or email