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The Parish drops its appeal to Privy Council on the Bellozanne Covenant

Jul 12, 2017



Parishioners voted 29:4 on Tuesday 11th July to take no further legal action to overturn court rulings that the Bellozanne Covenant is spent.

The fight began last year, when the Royal Court decided that the 65 year old agreement, which exempts St Helier residents from paying for waste disposal, was spent. The Parish unsuccessfully appealed that ruling, before vowing to take the battle to the UK's Privy Council.

At  the Parish Assembly parishioners voted to give up the fight due to the uncertainty of a successful outcome and the potential high cost to the Parish. The Constable said that he had received assurances from the Chief Minister and the Minister of the Department for Infrastructure that they would support a request that the States pay their own legal fees.