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Roads Committee

The Roads Committee are an elected body chaired by the Constable who meet on a regular basis, usually once a month.  Members of the public are welcome to attend the part of the meeting covered by the 'A' Agenda.

The following duties are amongst the many responsibilities of Roads Committee members:-  

  • Comment on planning applications in relation to Parish policies;
  • Assist the Connétable in determining al fresco applications;
  • Approve the annual programme of roads to be resurfaced;
  • Approve licences for highway encroachments;
  • Exercise power to purchase land for road improvement, including compulsory purchase;
  • Authorise the extinguishment of a road as necessary;
  • Approve road improvements on parish by roads;
  • Carry out a 'Visite du Branchage' twice a year.

Roads Committee Minutes & Agendas

View archived Roads Committee minutes