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Refuse - Recycling - Glass


The Parish would  like to advise you that due to various road works your refuse collection times could be affected and therefore we advise that you place your bins out the night before ready for collections from 6am.  Please note that your collection day remains the same.

(Further information on regular collections can be found on the sub-folders).

If you have any queries on any of our services please call 

 Municipal Services Depot on 811708.



 New Recycling Baler

The Parish of St Helier recently took delivery of a new recycling baler

and conveyor which will increase the throughput of the recyclables.


New Baler


Please click on this link to see more photos and news on the baler



The phased roll-out of recycling has expanded to include more households which started on the 8th April 2013. An invitation to join the scheme was delivered to the Town Park area; Midvale Road across to Great Union Road and David Place across to Janvrin Road.

Meanwhile if you are not yet in the expanded area we have bring sites currently available at:

  • Nelson Street Car Park 

  • Chapel Lane (behind the Admiral Pub) 

There are now a number of stores where you can collect replacement recycling bags. Please click here to view where to obtain the bags.

Click here to view the Recycling Calendar for 2013 - 2014

Click here for the latest collection day/dates and your area zone (red or green) July-August- September-October 2014.  (also published in the Town Crier Magazine).

Refuse  Your refuse should be placed in a wheeled bin at the boundary of your property (or appropriate collection point). Please have your refuse available early as the collection starts at 6am.
Please remember to take your bin back in following collection.

Fly Tipping  It is an offence to place any waste/rubbish etc in unauthorised areas and, if prosecuted, could result in a fine of up to £500. To report fly tipping please contact the Municipal Services Depot on 811708.

Glass Collecting (Commercial)  We offer a paid glass collection service for all commercial premises within St Helier. Please call 811708 for more information. 


Click here for the 2014 Commercial Zone Calendar
Pilot Kerbside Glass Collection (Residential)  The pilot kerbside glass collection started in February 2012 with secured sponsorship from Moore Stephens. We intend to collect data and feedback during this pilot scheme through to determine the process to roll-out further across the Parish. For more information please contact the Municipal Services Depot on 811708 or email  


Click here for the 2014 Residential Area Calendar

 Bulky Items  We also offer a 'bulky items' collection service within the Parish of St Helier which costs from £10.  For more information about this service, please call 811708.

Green Waste  We do not currently collect green waste. Household garden waste can be recycled at Bellozanne Household Green Waste Site - Gate 15.  Commercial green waste must be deposited at La Collette - Green Waste Site.

Electrical & Electronic Equipment  Items such as fridges / freezers / cookers / TVs / computers etc must be disposed of separately at Bellozanne Scrap Yard; opening hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm and Saturday 8am-12noon.


For further information, please contact the Municipal Services Depot:

Glass information:
Phone: 811708 -  8am - 4pm

or go to   do-it-online -  to report any issues.