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Youth and community

St Helier Youth Committee

The St Helier Youth Committee ('the SHYC') looks after all issues relating to young people and also facilities for young people within the Parish of St Helier. The SHYC works closely with the Youth Service to give help and financial support to various youth projects throughout the Parish. It is also responsible for allocating grants to groups and also individuals.


La Motte Street Youth Centre

La Motte Street provides a focal point for young people's social time and events alongside resources and facilities for music recording and rehearsal, dance development, web authoring, photography, video and drama perFormance - and the programme grows weekly.

We have over 600 members, aged between 14 and 18. Membership is free - simply fill in a form the first time you come to visit!

La Motte Street
St Helier


YES - Youth Enquiry Service

YES logo

The Youth Enquiry Service offers free and confidential information, advice and counselling to anyone aged 14 - 25. A drop-in center is based at St James Centre, where young people can access information and support on a range of issues such as education, employment, health, money, relationships and more.YES also offers a free 1-to-1 counselling service.

Our opening times are;

Monday 12pm - 6pm 
Wednesday 3pm - 6pm 
Friday  12pm - 6pm 
Youth Enquiry Service ('YES')
St James Centre
St James Street
St Helier
JE2 3QZ 
Tel: 280530
Mobile: 07797 778424

Stop the drop (Bin your gum) campaign

The students of Haute Vallée School and the Parish of St Helier combined their efforts to launch the 'Stop the Drop' Campaign on the streets of St Helier, promoting throwing chewing gum away in the bins provided instead of on the streets and pathways.

More information and contact details for all Youth projects, including St Helier-based ones, is available via this link: