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Twinning : St Helier - Avranches Jumelage Committee



The 'Jumelage' with Avranches

History of the twinning

On Wednesday 23rd June 1982 the Parish Assembly was asked 'to accept the invitation and formally become 'twinned' with that town, this for cultural, educational and social exchanges'. Sid Proudley, Procureur, proposed the twinning which was seconded by the Dean, the Very Rev Tom Goss. The initiative came from the Conseil Municipal de la Ville d'Avranches, and was supported by the Constable of St Helier, Peter Baker, the Honorary Consul for France, Monsieur Jean-Jacques Roos, and Senator Reg Jeune. According to the JEP report of the meeting, 'only a handful of parishioners turned up to vote on the twinning proposal (and) they were overwhelmingly in favour of the plan', although 'one voice of dissent was raised, that of Mr Gordon Journeaux, who said that he was vehemently opposed to any sort of link with France'. The twinning was formally agreed at a ceremony in Avranches in December that year.

Recent developments

The St Helier Avranches Jumelage continued its celebrations of its 30th anniversary with a pétanque competition held in Avranches, followed a fortnight later by attending 'La Nuit des Jumelages', a traditional 'bal dansant' held every two years to which Avranches' other twin towns - Korbach (Germany) and Crediton (UK) - are also invited. The St Helier delegation was also taken around the recently completed 'Scriptorial', which houses the famous illuminated manuscripts from Mont St Michel, while a Jersey oak tree was presented to the town for planting in 'Le Jardin des Plantes'.

Celebrating the pearl anniversary of St Helier and Avranches

Just before Christmas 2012 a delegation from the Parish's twin town in Normandy travelled to St Helier to mark thirty years of jumelage. Included in the group were three of the original architects of the link between the two communities: Maire Adjoint, André Bazin; former director of tourism, Ursula Hau; and Conseiller Municipal, Michel le Brun. Also present for the occasion was former Senator Jean Le Maistre, who was a St Helier Deputy at the time of the signing way back in December 1982, and former Constable of St Helier, Bob Le Brocq. The event was also opened to representatives of the other twinning associations: the partnerschaft with Bad Wurzach, celebrating its tenth year in existence; and the geminação with Funchal, signed just months earlier in April 2012.

Jumelage 30th Anniv Celebrations

 [Chairman of the Jumelage Annabelle Bishop, Michel le Brun, Ursula Hau, André Bazin and Jean Le Maistre]







If you're interested in learning more or wish to join the group, please contact Chairman Annabelle Bishop on 07797 762008 or email