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Twinning : St Helier - Funchal Geminação Committee

Funchal Coat of Arms



The 'Geminação' with Funchal

History of the twinning

Jersey has been home to thousands of Madeiran people, the first having arrived after the Second World War looking for work in agriculture and tourism. In 2004 the possibility of 'um accordo de geminação' between St Helier and Funchal was suggested to the Madeiran authorities, a Friendship Agreement having been signed by the Bailiff and the President of Madeira in 1998. The St Helier Parish Assembly approved the idea in 2007, following the successful visit to St Helier by the Mayor of Funchal, Dr Miguel Albuquerque. A twinning agreement was signed in Funchal in 2008, but for various reasons including the disastrous floods which occurred at the beginning of 2010, it has taken until Easter 2012 for St Helier's third twinning to be formally created.

Recent developments

The St Helier - Geminação is evaluating the lessons learned from the running of the successful Portuguese Food Festival at the end of the summer 2012 in order to produce an even better event this year.

If you're interested in learning more, or wish to join the Group, please contact the Constable at or telephone 811821.