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WW1 Centenary


The St Helier Roads Committee has considered how the Parish should mark the centenary of the outbreak of the World War 1 and has agreed the following initiatives:

  • The St Helier Parks and Gardens Department, in conjunction with the Parish's Community in Bloom Group, is theming various plantings in the Parish's parks and gardens to mark the centenary;
  • The Parish is working with the States of Jersey Development Company to produce a display of poppies on land at the waterfront later this year;
  • A book, 'St Helier in the First World War', is being commissioned from a local historian;
  • The Parish will invite applications to the St Helier Youth Committee from young parishioners with relevant projects or travel plans requiring financial assistance;
  • A St Helier war memorial will be constructed; more than 900 St Helier parishioners lost their lives in the Great War, yet St Helier is the only Island parish which does not have a First World War memorial. The Roads Committee has identified a potential site on the other side of Union Street where an electricity sub station is situated surrounded by a wooden pergola. The Committee intends to commission the design and, if possible, the construction of the memorial locally, and is working up plans.

For more information about any of these projects, to make suggestions or to get involved, please telephone the Constable of St Helier on 811821 or email