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A big thank you

Twelfth Night has come and gone so down have come most of the Christmas trees in Island homes, the last pieces of the cake consumed, and the thank you messages sent (or added to January’s ‘To Do List’). Most if not all of us, as we packed away the decorations, will have shared the wish that next Christmas will be better, and that the return to normality that we long for will have been made possible thanks to the roll-out of vaccines to guard us and our loved ones against Covid-19. Whether we will be able to gather in cosy pubs, cafés and restaurants next Christmas, attend packed carol services, throng St Helier’s streets and shops, travel freely to other places, or exchange hugs with people outside our households depends on how the ongoing battle against the pandemic goes in the year ahead, but there is every reason to believe that things are going to get better. The Bailiff of Jersey, Mr Timothy Le Cocq, has recently recognised some of the many Islanders who have been involved in the fight against the pandemic, including the Parish of St Helier’s community support team and the Honorary Police, and I want to add my gratitude to his, to all of the staff and volunteers who have contributed to this vital work; Jersey’s traditional values of helping out, volunteering and serving the community have not been so clearly displayed for a long time, and I want to thank everyone who has complied with the public health guidance and the various restrictions in our freedom that have been necessary to tackle the spread of the virus, especially those who have shielded themselves for months on end. I also want to acknowledge the difficulties the business community of St Helier has faced, and to pledge my support as our retail, hospitality and service sectors seek to rise to the challenges and opportunities of a New Year.

Simon Crowcroft, Constable of St Helier