Welcome to the Parish of St Helier - Online


The Constable, Chief Executive and whole Parish team are working closely with the Government of Jersey to support members of the community most at risk from the COVID 19 pandemic. The Parish’s team of dedicated staff are focussed on:

Protecting the vulnerable in the Parish and those in our care

Minimising the risk to our colleagues, both employed and voluntary

Maintaining essential services

Supporting government and our community in their response to COVID19

Whilst there is a great deal of information in the national and local news, press, television, radio and on-line, The Constable encourages staff and Parishioners to keep up to date with the latest Government of Jersey information and advice on www.gov.je.

The team across the Parish are working hard to ensure that our core services continue to operate and that the Town Hall remains open. We recognise that some parishioners are self-isolating; some practicing social distancing and others simply wish to avoid unnecessary contact. To help ensure as good a service as normal we ask that parishioners take advantage of on-line and telephone services offered by the Parish.

Many Parishioners have contacted us with offers of help and support for the vulnerable and those observing social distancing. This level of care for our neighbours and those living in our community is part of what makes Jersey, and especially St Helier, such a special place to live. If you wish to volunteer in any way, or need some additional help or support at this time, please contact us on 811811.

All parishioners are welcome to contact us at townhall@posh.gov.je or by telephone on 811811

Simon Crowcroft, Constable of St Helier