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Nursery policies

Nursery policies

Our policies are in place to guide parents and staff through correct procedures.

Admissions policy

Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis; where places cannot be allocated straight away we have a waiting list in place. We endeavour to include all children with special needs to the best of our ability, taking into account and overcoming possible restraints of their physical environment.

Settling in

We ask that both parents and children visit the Nursery the week prior to their planned starting date. During this time your child will be gradually introduced to his/her new surroundings and carers. On the first day you will be expected to stay with your child for a short period and, as the week progresses, we will support and encourage your child through the separation process. As each child is unique, the keyworker will guide you through this process. Please allow one week for the settling-in period.

Child protection

Our aim as professional child care workers is to promote the wellbeing of all the children in our care. All staff are trained in child protection and aim to treat all issues regarding child protection with sensitivity and in a professional and confidential manner. The necessity to ensure the safety and welfare of a child does, however, take precedence over issues of confidentiality. Child protection will be non-discriminatory, avoiding discrimination against children/adults on the grounds of race, sex and disabilities.

Equal opportunities

We believe children have a right to grow up and learn in an environment free from prejudice and without discrimination. Parents and children are welcome at all times and it is acknowledged that parents have the greatest knowledge of their own child, and this is recognised and respected. We aim to promote self-esteem, individuality, autonomy and co-operation in each child in our care. Each child will have opportunities to participate in all activities within the Nursery. Children will receive praise and encouragement, feel valued and respected. We respect the differing home values and cultures of the children and their families.

Behaviour management

Our policy is based on the principles of promoting positive behaviour. We give clear boundaries to the children and tell them what they 'can' do, as opposed to saying 'don't'. For example: 'please walk', instead of 'don't run'. The principles include:

  • Being a good role model
  • Being positive
  • Dealing with feelings first (avoiding labels)
  • Listening to both sides
  • Speaking clearly and calmly
  • Stating what you want
  • If there is no choice, being specific
  • Reminding of ground rules
  • Including and involving children in decisions and ownership of their environment
  • Being consistent

Emergency procedures

If your child has a serious accident, an ambulance will be called and we will contact you immediately. If we are unable to contact you, a senior member of staff will accompany your child to hospital. If it is necessary to close the Nursery in the event of an emergency, we will endeavour to contact you by telephone and make public announcements through the media. Our policies and procedures are displayed on the parent noticeboard within our Nursery.