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Director of St Helier Public Services

Director of St Helier Public Services

Welcome from the Constable

Welcome to our recruitment microsite. The Parish of St Helier is committed to delivering the highest quality services to our parishioners and this role is key to achieving that.

Thank you for taking the time to find out about the role.

Simon Crowcroft
Constable, Parish of St Helier

Message from the Chief Executive Officer

St Helier is home to a third of the Island’s population and the majority of Jersey's businesses. The team at St Helier is focused on making our Parish a vibrant, safe, engaging and attractive place; somewhere people choose to live, work and visit.

Working to deliver for our parishioners, we are a small leadership team working under the direction of the Constable. Delivering a diverse range of services, a team of over 200 people; staff, elected officials, volunteers, honorary officers, all working in our community, for our community.

This is an amazing opportunity to join us in a key leadership role. The Director of St Helier Public Services sits on our Executive Management Team, responsible for directing and delivering a wide range of Parish services. We are looking for someone who can bring ideas, experience, passion, commitment and drive. Someone with excellent communication skills, who is seeking a role with a unique combination of strategy, direction and hands-on delivery. Achieving our objectives and delivering financial targets is key, but success in this role means more than meeting budgets - we're looking for someone who will improve people’s lives, making our Parish - our town - a better place to live, work and visit.

If you think this is the role for you, please call Annie Bienvenu 811821 to arrange an informal discussion.

Jason Turner
Chief Executive Officer, Parish of St Helier