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E-News Privacy

E-News Privacy

Privacy Statement and FAQs

What is this for?

The Parish of St Helier has introduced this service to allow members of the public to ‘sign up’ to receiving general news and information about the Parish by email.

This service is not used to communicate directly with customers about individual matters.

How does the process work?

You can use this optional service to sign up to receive news and other items of interest about the Parish by email.

The online form asks you to supply your email address and then select (or ‘tick’) the categories of news and information that you would like sent to you by email.

Once you have submitted your preferences, you will receive a confirmation email.

The confirmation email will ask you to click a link in order to verify your registration.

Please note, it is important to verify your registration in order to complete the process. The verification process is in place to prevent email addresses being added erroneously, or by someone other than the email owner.

What personal data do I have to supply to access this service?

You have to supply an email address, and are invited to select categories of information relating to the Parish that interest you. Alternatively, you may select 'All' to receive all categories of information.

Is this process GDPR-compliant?

Your email address can identify you personally. Therefore, our processing is subject to the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018.

The Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018 also prescribes strict rules relating to fair processing. The Parish seeks compliance with the principles of the law in providing a transparent and personal choice-led service so that customers are able to strictly control the amount of information they receive from the Parish.

What if I don’t have an email address?

If you would like to use this service, and do not currently have an email address, there are many online providers that allow you to quickly create an email address, many of which are free.

Please be aware that, whilst commonly used, free email can attract a lot of junk and scam (fraudulent) mail. Be on your guard and do not respond to emails from people or organisations that you do not recognise or that you were not expecting.

Who can access my email address and preference data?

The information you supply is held in a dedicated and secure cloud-based system, hosted by Sendinblue.

Your data is accessible by dedicated Parish of St Helier administrators who use the information to send you relevant information by email, as per your preferences. Your information is not used for any other purpose.

The Parish may use anonymised information for statistical purposes to enable improvements to the service. For instance, statistics identifying the least popular categories selected by users.

The Parish of St Helier uses a third party supplier, iPOP Digital, who administer and manage the Parish’s website.

How often will I receive information from St Helier?

Depending on the nature and number of categories you have selected, you should expect to receive communication as frequently as once or twice a month to once every 6 months.

Once you’ve registered, please note you may not receive any Parish information for some days.

What if I change my mind about receiving these emails from St Helier?

Your confirmation email describes an easy way in which you can unsubscribe from the service, which involves clicking an ‘unsubscribe’ button. When doing so, your email address and preference information is automatically removed from the Sendinblue database. You can sign up again in the future, should you wish to do so.

You can also change your preferences via the confirmation email by clicking the link provided to access your completed registration form.

Can I register to receive hard copy information in the post instead?

The Parish of St Helier is committed to ensuring accessibility of its services to all, and can provide information in a variety of formats and languages.

Please visit or contact the Town Hall at townhall@sthelier.je or 811811 for further information.

Alternatively, you can write to Parish of St Helier, PO Box 50, York Street, St Helier, JE4 8PA.

About Sendinblue

This process involves supplying your email address to a third party organisation, Sendinblue.

Sendinblue provides the software and data hosting to enable the Parish of St Helier to manage its email communication with you.

Sendinblue is EU-based and stores its customer data in the EU.

Read more information about Sendinblue here: https://www.sendinblue.com/about/.