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Electoral Office

Electoral Office

The role and services provided by the Electoral Office includes managing and maintaining the electoral registers in the Parish's three districts. These registers are used in the voting process in all parochial and States elections.

The Parish of St Helier administers elections for many different positions of public office. These are listed below with the terms of office pertaining to the position.

Parish Municipality

Constable's Officer - 3 year term Proposed and voted in by the electors of the Parish.

Vingtenier - 3 year term Proposed and voted in by the electors of the Parish.

Centenier - 3 year term Proposed and voted in by the electors of the Parish.

 States Positions

Deputy - 4 year term Proposed and voted in by the electors of a specific Parish district.

Constable - 4 year term Proposed and voted in by the electors of the Parish.

Senator - 4 year term Proposed and voted in by the electors of the Island. 

In addition to Parish and States elections, the Electoral Office is also responsible for administering Parish Assemblies. A Parish Assembly is a public meeting that can be attended by anyone, but only ratepayers, members of the electorate and mandataires of the Parish can vote on items appearing on the agenda.  

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What is the Electoral Register?

The Electoral Register is the register of persons in the Parish who are entitled to be registered as electors in a public election.  A public election is held to elect the Connétable, Centeniers and Procureurs du Bien Public of the Parish, to elect Senators for the Island and to elect the Deputy or Deputies for the Parish [Deputies for St Helier, St Brelade and St Saviour are elected by a district within the Parish].

When is the Electoral Register prepared?

The first Electoral Registers prepared under the Public Elections (Jersey) Law 2002 came into force on 1 September 2002 and will be updated throughout the year as applications are received from persons eligible to be registered as an elector.

To be able to vote in a public election your name must be on the Electoral Register by mid-day on the day before the nomination meeting for that election.

Who can vote in Jersey public elections?

You are entitled on a particular day to have your name included on the electoral register for an electoral district if on that day -

(a) you are at least 16 years old; and
(b) you are ordinarily resident in the electoral district; and
(c) you have been -
  (1) ordinarily resident in Jersey for the period of at least 2 years  up to and including that day;
  (2) ordinarily resident in Jersey for a period of at least 6 months up to and including that day, as well as having been ordinarily resident in Jersey at any time for an additional period of, or for additional periods that total, at least 5 years.
You are not entitled to have your name included on the electoral registers for more than one electoral district at a time.

How do I make sure my name is on the electoral list?

The Electoral Register is available for inspection at your Parish Hall during usual office hours and you may check that your name is included on the register.  By 1 November of each year, your Parish will send to every unit of dwelling accommodation a 'statement' to complete with the details of all persons resident in that dwelling accommodation who are entitled to be registered as an elector.  You must complete, sign and return this form to the Parish as soon as possible. If an elector's name appears on the statement who no longer resides at the address then simply cross the name out when you complete the form.

You may also apply at any time to be registered as an elector by completing a form and returning it to your Parish Hall or by registering online.

What if I move Parish during the year?

If you move to another Parish after the Electoral Register has been prepared you should complete and return a registration form to your new Parish stating the address at which you were previously resident - your name will then be added to the Electoral Register of the Parish you have moved to and deleted from the register of the Parish you have left. YOUR NAME MAY ONLY APPEAR ON ONE ELECTORAL REGISTER AT A TIME.
If you move address within the Parish you should also complete and return a registration form, as the Electoral Registers are prepared by Vingtaine and, for some public elections, this will determine the district in which you are entitled to vote.

You should also complete a change of address form, which will enable your Parish to update all your important Parish information including your rates information and driving licence. A change of details form can be downloaded at the bottom of this page or, alternatively, you can submit your new details online.

Where can I obtain a form to register my name on the electoral list?

Forms are available from your Parish Hall and may be downloaded from this website or you can register online here.  Forms must be signed by every person entitled to be registered and returned to the Parish in which you reside as soon as possible.

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