Map of St Helier 1834
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Historic sites in St Helier

Historic sites in St Helier

St Helier is rich in history with important historic sites across the Parish. Whether a visitor or resident, why not take time to visit one or more of these interesting locations. The map below highlights key locations and provides background information.

Bombing of the Harbour

Memorial to those who died in the bombing of the harbour. If you visit this site today you'll see damage to the grantite wall where bullets hit the wall and damage to the pavement form explosions during bombing. Each June a ceremony is held to remember those who died during the bombing. Visit this site and

Elizabeth Castle

The castle dates back to the 1590’s, when Sir Walter Raleigh was Governor of Jersey from 1600 until 1603. Explore the grounds which gave refuge to King Charles II during the English Civil War and uncover the bunkers which were re-fortified to command the sea approaches to Jersey during the German Occupation in World War II. Marvel at the hermitage where St Helier is thought to have lived around 550 A.D. Find out more at Jersey Heritage.

16 New Street, Georgian House

Gifted to the Trust in 2003, having been neglected for a period of 20 years, 16 New Street has been meticulously repaired by the Trust in order to reinstate its elegant Georgian features.

Ville-és-Nouaux Neolithic Grave

A remarkable complex with a gallery grave (2850 BC), a cist-in-circle (2250 BC) and evidence of Late Bronze Age urn burials (800 BC), excavated 1869 and 1883

First Tower

Despite its name, this was not the first coastal tower to be built. It was designated St Aubin No 1, but has always been known as First Tower, the name adopted for the surrounding district, which was the first main extension of housing to the west of the town of St Helier in the early 19th century. It was built before 1787.

Foot Buildings

Located in Dumaresq Street and Pitt Street these listed buildings are one of the best surviving examples of mid 18th century and early 19th century townscape in St Helier.

Town Church

The Parish Church of St Helier is the parish church of the parish of Saint Helier, Jersey. It is a Church of England church, one of the twelve 'Ancient Parish Churches' of Jersey, and serves as the Island's civic church