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Join the Honorary Police

Join the Honorary Police

As an Honorary Police Officer you will have a variety of tasks to undertake - no two jobs are the same. You will learn from the many 'life-experiences' that you see and take part in. A variety of training courses are available and, on joining the Honorary Police, you will be issued with a handbook containing information on the role.

Becoming an Honorary Police Officer you will find without realising how capable you have become in dealing with different situations, and the 'feel good' feeling that you have after giving assistance to people in their hour of need. You will also be playing your part in helping your Parish.

The election of Honorary Police Officers conform to the Jersey legislation outlined below, and are for a term of three years:

  • Public Elections (Jersey) Law 2002, for the role of Centenier;
  • Loi (1871) sur la mode d'election des Vingteniers, for the role of Vingtenier;
  • Loi (1938) sur les Officiers du Connétables, for the role of Constable's Officer; and
  • Honorary Police (Jersey) Regulations 2005, for Centeniers, Vingteniers and Constable's Officers.

The procedure to apply for a position in the Honorary Position is as follows;

  • Individual makes contact with the Parish via their Parish/Public Hall
  • Initial discussion is held between individual and the Chef de Police/Chairperson Recruitment Committee to answer any queries
  • Application is completed by individual and submitted to relevant Parish
  • The Connétable and Chef de Police/Recruitment Committee meet informally with the applicant to discuss the role
  • Parish Assembly - Applicant is nominated by an elector and seconded
  • Election (if necessary) takes place.  Centeniers election involves normal whole day election (rare) but Vingteniers and Constables Officers are elected by show of hands at the Parish Assembly
  • Elected Officer attends the Royal Court of Jersey to take Oath of Office
  • Parochial induction of individual commences

For more information about the Jersey Honorary Police please go to: