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Kerbside glass collections are coming to St Helier

The Parish of St Helier replaced its kerbside glass collections with communal glass bins many years ago for several reasons, including:

  • A large number of households with no space to store a glass bin, especially in the town centre;
  • The variety of receptacles put out for emptying, some of which were unsuitable for the quantities of glass in them;
  • The risk of injury to staff and the public in the way glass was sometimes left out for collection;
  • The large quantities of glass put out by commercial premises for collection.

89 communal glass bins have been provided across 74 sites in the Parish which allow parishioners to deposit glass when it suits them, often in small quantities when doing the shopping or walking the dog. However, the use of such bins is not without its problems, including:

  • The noise nuisance created when people deposit glass outside the requested hours of operation;
  • The spillage of broken glass and the depositing of other litter around the glass bins;
  • The use of the communal bins by commercial producers of glass waste seeking to avoid paying for regular collections by the Parish of private contractors, leading to overfilling;
  • The use of the bins by people from other parishes who are not contributing to the cost of the service;
  • The reduction in the quality of glass for recycling due to a minority of users putting inappropriate items in the bins.

A significant number of parishioners who have the space to store a glass bin and who may not have a communal glass bin nearby have told the Parish that they would welcome a return of kerbside collections, and a trial scheme was introduced several years ago supported by former Procureur du Bien Public, Clive Barton.

The trial area included La Pouquelaye, St John’s Road, Abbotts Mount, Tower Road, St Andrew’s Road, La Grande Route du Mont à l’Abbé, Havre des Pas, Clos Vaze, and Le Grand Clos.

Useful lessons have been learned from this trial and your responses to our kerbside glass survey. The Parish is now considering how best to extend kerbside glass collections.