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The St Helier Shadow Conseil Municipal

The St Helier Shadow Conseil Municipal

Welcome from the Constable

Welcome to the micro-site for our Shadow Conseil Municipal.

In November 2019, St Helier’s Parish Assembly voted to establish a Shadow Conseil Municipal. This proposal represents an evolution of the current Parish system. Retaining traditional administration where it works well, but adapting other procedures, and seeking devolved powers where necessary, through negotiation with the States of Jersey The changes we seek, aim meet the changing demands and needs both of Parishioners and of Islanders as a whole.

I am pleased to report that on Wednesday 18th December, St Helier residents attended a Parish Assembly at the Town Hall for the election of members to the Shadow Conseil. The Assembly elected four members to join the Constable, Roads Committee and Procureurs du Bien Public to form St Helier’s Shadow Conseil Municipal.

Whilst no nominations were received for the Shadow Conseil’s youth member, I reported to the Assembly that the position would be held open and the Assembly asked to consider nominations for this role in 2020.

Seven candidates were nominated for the four further positions: Ted Vibert, Malcolm L’Amy, Lyndsay Feltham, Barbara Corbett, Jason Lagadu, Mario Pirozzolo, and Noel Flood.

The seven candidates introduced themselves to the Assembly, explaining their background and their motivation for standing to join the Conseil. Members of the Assembly then asked candidates their views on a broad range of subjects, including tackling town traffic and congestion; the Island Plan and proposed development in St Helier; the candidates’ portfolio preferences; arts, heritage and culture in the Parish and the future of the Fort Regent. Each candidate set out their response to each of the questions before the Assembly moved to a vote.

The vote carried out by secret ballot, enabled each member of the Assembly to vote for up to four candidates. The following candidates were duly elected:

  • Lyndsay Feltham
  • Barbara Corbett
  • Malcolm L’Amy
  • Mario Pirozzolo

The first meeting of the Shadow Conseil is scheduled for 6pm 15th January 2020 at the Town Hall.

Simon Crowcroft
Constable of St Helier