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Code of Conduct for Outdoor Fitness Training

Code of Conduct for Outdoor Fitness Training

Code of Conduct for Outdoor Fitness Training

The Fitness operator shall not have exclusive rights over any area of the Authority’s Premises and shall ensure that right of way is given to members of the general public visiting the Authority’s Premises.

No large items of keep fit equipment shall be used on the Parish’s Premises without prior consent other than hand held equipment e.g. jogging weights, kettle bells and resistance bands. Fitness operators shall leave the Parish’s premises in a clean and tidy condition and be liable for any loss of or damage to any Parish’s property through their direct improper use.

The Fitness operator shall abide by the Park Regulations.

The Fitness operator shall ensure that the parks furniture is not used for the purpose of fitness training i.e. benches, tables, trees, lamp posts, etc. and to keep all pathways clear and accessible to all users.

The Fitness operator shall not display, produce or distribute any sign or advertisement. The restriction of advertising applies to all boards, hoardings, flags, posters etc. displaying any organisation or company or brand name of any goods, including those of the Fitness Operator.

The Fitness Operator must ensure that no particular area of the Parish’s premises is over used to the extent that it causes unreasonable wear and tear to the fabric of the park e.g. waterlogged, obviously worn and muddy areas. 

Park ‘No Go’ Zones:

You are not permitted to use:

Areas within the park where training activities have a negative impact on other park users, residents and other licence holders; e.g. intrusive noise, aggressive language etc.

Areas of high pedestrian activity such as pathways or monuments.

Areas closed for renovation or upgrading.

Any Park structures, including trees, and furniture must not be used for training purposes.


Park ‘No Go’ Activities:

The following activities are not to be conducted by personal trainers / Groups.

Amplified music or audio equipment, whistles and loud shouting or other intrusive noise-generating activities that may impact on Park users of Neighbours.

Aggressive, intimidating or unreasonably noisy training activities that interferes with the comfort of other visitors.

Use of objects that mark out an area to imply exclusive use.


As an organiser you agree to abide by these guidelines at all times. Non-compliance to the above Code of Conduct and park regulations mean you are at risk of losing your permission to use the park and being asked to leave the park with immediate effect