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Preparing for the cold snap.....

Preparing for the cold snap.....

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Parish of St Helier prepares for cold snap.

If the forecast snow arrives tonight, the Parish is prepared. Following the warning from forecasters, our Severe Weather Plan will swing into action, which involves reallocating teams to salt-spreading and snow clearance duties. Resources will be directed to a number of priority routes to keep the roads and pavements free of ice and snow.

Our truck-mounted salt spreader is prepared and ready to go, and teams will work in shifts to cover Parish roads. This will be supplemented with small teams clearing snow and salting pavements. Several satellite snow stations have been set up throughout the Parish, fully equipped with snow shovels, salt, gloves and buckets.

The Parish will be working closely with the Department for Infrastructure, the Honorary Police and other agencies to ensure a co-ordinated approach to dealing with any severe weather.

Any queries, please contact Municipal Services Director Debra D'Orleans at or on 811703.