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Smoke-free al fresco areas in St Helier

Smoke-free al fresco areas in St Helier

The Parish of St Helier is seeking views on the introduction of smoke-free al fresco areas. This week’s Parish of St Helier Roads Committee meeting decided to consult about the potential introduction of smoke-free al fresco areas within the Parish1.

The decision to consult was taken after considering reports on health benefits and the views of the public. The proportion of Islanders who smoke has declined significantly over recent years2&3, and in the States’ Tobacco Policy4 the Medical Officer of Health clearly explains the benefits of reducing smoking and the impact of smoking on Islanders. The Strategy sets out the importance of creating an environment where non-smoking is the norm and protecting communities and families from smoking-related harm. In her foreword to this strategy, the Medical Officer of Health reports: “Smoking is now very much a minority activity in Jersey. This is thanks to many years of concerted strategic efforts from the States of Jersey alongside an increasingly widespread awareness among our community of the harms to health.” The Smoke Free Fact Sheet, published by the Environmental Health Service, explains the potential impact of second-hand smoking, noting that: “The only way to provide effective protection is to prevent people breathing in this smoke in the first place.”

A previous public consultation6 indicated the majority of people to be in favour of smoke-free al fresco areas; 57% of those questioned (smokers and non-smokers) thought smoking should be stopped in outside eating and drinking areas in pubs and restaurants

The Committee is now welcoming contributions to this consultation, which can be made by emailing the Parish at townhall@posh.gov.je.


For more information please contact Mr Silvio Alves, Director, Technical & Environmental Services, at silvio.alves@posh.gov.je or 01534 811849.