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St Helier appoints new Chief Executive Officer

St Helier appoints new Chief Executive Officer

The Parish of St Helier has employed Jason Turner as Chief Executive Officer following a recruitment process overseen by the Jersey Appointments Commission (‘JAC’). More than a dozen candidates applied for the position and interviews of a short list took place last month with the Constable and the Procureurs du Bien Public of the Parish, together with an independent member, on the panel chaired by Professor Ed Sallis of the JAC.

The executive role has been carried out by the Constable for over 15 years but last month Mr Crowcroft said that it was the right time to employ an appropriately qualified and experienced local professional to fulfil the role. He has pledged that staff costs will not rise as a result of the appointment which will be funded by compensatory savings.

Jason Turner is currently Deputy Chief Officer and Director of Finance and Information in the Health and Social Services Department and he will join the Parish of St Helier in October.

Please contact Martin Roberts, HR Director, with any queries at martin.roberts@posh.gov.je or 811824.