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Tower Road, St Helier – works on hairpin bend

Tower Road, St Helier – works on hairpin bend


In April 1953 a Parish Assembly approved a scheme to widen Tower Road and provide footpaths to both sides of the road. To date, the majority of the scheme has been implemented. At the Parish Assembly on 28th September 2016, the Assembly approved the purchase of land measuring 210 sq. ft. (19.5 sq. m) in Tower Road for the purpose of road improvements.

At the Parish Assembly in January 2018 the proposition was approved to divide the unspent funds, originally allocated to the payment of Parish Rates by the States in the 2017 Budget and paid to the parishes following the States debate on P.81/2017, and that St Helier's portion be used to fund Parish of St Helier projects which included Tower Road project.

The proposed works will extend the western footpath on the outer side of the bend up to the face of ‘Broomhill’, realign and widen the carriageway, and a continuous eastern footpath will be provided along the inner side of the bend which will improve safety significantly, especially as a safe walking route to and from First Tower School.  

The Parish is planning to undertake the works in phases during the school holidays to minimise disruption.  

Unfortunately the works will result in the loss of a tree that is located on the line of the new retaining wall. Unfortunately due to the root spread the Parish is unable to keep the tree in place, and it will be removed on Saturday 31st March using a road closure on the hairpin bend.  

Phase 1: will commence on Tuesday 3rd April over the school Easter break, and it will be necessary to close Tower Road for the first week for health and safety reasons. On the second week the road will reopen to one lane of traffic with the use of traffic control lights, and the road will be reopened fully when the school term begins on Monday 16th April.

Phase 2: will commence on Monday 23rd July, coinciding with the school summer holidays. The works will be completed by the start of the new school year on Tuesday 4th September.

Phase 3: Parish stonemasons will clad the new wall with granite which may run beyond the start of the new school year, but this will not require road closure and the new continuous eastern footpath will be provided along the inner side of the bend for safe access.  

Three local experienced civil engineering contractors were invited to tender for the works, which resulted in Brenwall being appointed.    

For all day-to-day enquiries with regard to traffic and site management please contact Peter Wilkinson of Brenwall on telephone number 07797 734340.

We would like to take the opportunity to apologise in advance for any inconvenience that this work will cause; we will endeavour to cause as little disruption as possible.

Please contact André Sty, Manager, Technical & Environmental Services, on 811846 or at andre.sty@posh.gov.je should you require any further information.