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By Election

By Election

On Wednesday, 27 February 2019 there will be a by election for Deputy in St Helier district 3/4.

Your polling stations will be at either Rouge Bouillon School or First Tower School depending on where you live in the district. You can check where you need to vote by using the address index below.

If you are unable to attend the polling station on polling day then you may be able to cast your vote by either pre-polling at the Postal and Pre-Poll Office, casting your vote by post or, if you have mobility issues, then the States Greffe can organise an officer to pop round to see you and arrange a home visit vote. If you wish to apply for either a postal vote or a Pre-Poll Home Visit vote then you can download the appropriate form below. If you wish to cast your vote in person prior to polling day then you can attend the Pre-Poll Office on the ground floor of Morier House, Halkett Place, at the following dates and times;

8.15am to 5.15pm, Monday 18 to Friday 22 February.
8.15am to 2pm, Monday 25 February.

If you would like to check your name is on the Electoral Roll before voting then please telephone the St Helier Customer Services Team on 811405 or email at townhall@posh.gov.je. Alternatively, you can complete the online query form on this website and a member of staff will contact you within 24 hours.

District No. 3

Abbey Close
Abbotsmount Court
Albert Street
Almorah Crescent
Aquila Road
Brighton Close
Brighton Road
Cannon Street
Clare Street
Clarke Avenue
Clearview Street
Clos de Balmain
Clos du Briard
Clos du Martin
Clos du Paradis
Clubley Estate
Columbus Street
Elizabeth Lane
Elizabeth Place
(58 to 72 to Grand Hotel)
Fairfield Avenue
Gloucester Street-Upper
(No 3, 5, 13 and Hospital)
Great Union Road (49 to 120)
Hampshire Gardens
Highview Lane

Jane Sandeman Court

Jardin des Carreaux

Journeaux Court
(1 to 22 & 62 to 82)
Journeaux Street
Kensington Place
Kensington Street
La Fredee Lane
La Grande Route de St. Jean
La Grande Route
du Mont à L’Abbé
La Pouquelaye
Lewis Street
Lower King’s Cliff
Manor Court
Manor Park Road
Midvale Close
Newgate Street
Old St. John’s Road
Parade Road
Patriotic Place
Patriotic Street
Peirson Road
Pen-y-Craig Avenue
Pomona Lane
Pomona Road
Poonah Lane
Poonah Road
Queen’s Avenue
Queen’s Lane
Queen’s Road
Raleigh Avenue

Raleigh Lane
Richmond Road
Rouge Bouillon
Roussel Street
Rue de Maupertuis
Rue de Podetre
Rue des Arbres
Rue des Canons
Rue des Côtils
Ruette Pinel
Savile Street
St. John’s Road
Upper King’s Cliff
Vallée des Vaux
Westmount Road
Vallée des Vaux Properties
(see split with D2)
Belles Roches
Belles Roches Cottage
Le Jardin de la Fontaine
Les Cotils Villa
Les Fougeres
Petit Valoir
Willow Cottage

District No. 4

Bellozanne Avenue
Bellozanne Road
Bellozanne Valley
Clos St. André
Fern Valley
Hansford Lane
La Route ès Nouaux
La Ruelle Vaucluse
Le Vieux Mont Cochon

Millbrook Lane
Mont Cochon
Old St. Andrew’s Road
Paris Lane
Pomme d’Or Farm Estate
Rue de Trachy
Rue du Moulin de Fliquet

Seafield Avenue
St. Andrew’s Road
St. Aubin’s Road
Tower Road
Tyneville Lane
Victoria Avenue
Waterworks Valley
West Hill