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New 20mph speed limits (Phase 1)

New 20mph speed limits (Phase 1)

New 20mph speed limits (Phase1) in place by Friday 1st March 2019.

While St Aubin’s, St Peter’s and St Mary’s villages benefit from lower speed limits, St Helier’s town centre has far more people moving around its streets who are not provided with the same degree of safety in terms of maximum vehicle speeds.

Traffic speeds may be low during the working day, but at weekends and in the evenings St Helier’s residents have to put up with people driving at high speeds down their streets, which places them and visitors at risk of injury and which leads to a deterioration of their quality of life generally.

The Parish Assembly held in September 2017 endorsed the Roads Committee’s decision of introducing a 20mph speed limit to the roads within the ring road and Havre des Pas area (generally bounded by Green Street, Route du Fort, St Clement’s Road and extending to the Territorial Army barracks on Mount Bingham). The Infrastructure Minister supported the approval of the Parish Assembly and instructed the Law Officers to undertake the necessary law changes to enable the implementation of the new speed limits.

The necessary law changes have now been finalised, enabling the new speed limits to be in force from Friday 1st March 2019. The Parish appreciates that reducing the speed limit is only effective if there is appropriate policing, and will work with both the Honorary and States Police to seek this.

The Parish Roads Committee is aware that there are other roads outside the ring road that would benefit from a 20mph speed limit; these are being reviewed and consulted upon by the Roads Committee as part of Phase 2 and 3, and the Parish, working with Growth, Housing and Environment, will review other roads once the new 20mph speed limit has been implemented.

For more information please contact Connétable Simon Crowcroft at or 01534 811821.