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Proposal for St Helier House & Westmount Day Nursery site

Proposal for St Helier House & Westmount Day Nursery site

The Parish of St Helier will be holding a Parish Assembly on 7 August 2019 at 7pm at the Town Hall to consider proposal for the sale of St Helier House and Westmount Day Nursery site.

After careful consideration in 2017 and 2018, it was concluded that it was not feasible to refurbish and continue to operate St Helier House as a residential home. During late 2017 and early 2018, the Parish helped the Home’s residents to find alternative accommodation. St Helier House Care Home closed on 31 January 2018 and many of the Parish’s staff transferred to other roles within the Parish.

Westmount Nursery has operated successfully from the same site for 45 years. The Parish wishes to continue to offer nursery services and is currently seeking alternative accommodation near the current site.

The Parish appointed a professional agent to seek expressions of interest for the St Helier House / Westmount site. The bids received have been carefully reviewed, analysed and considered by the Constable, Procureurs and Management Team. The recommended bid that offers the best value is to sell the St Helier House and Westmount Day Nursery sites for the sum of £2,900,000.

The Parish will recommend that the net proceeds of the sale of the sites, after all associated costs have been accounted for, are allocated to the Building Reserve, allowing the Parish to undertake projects, including the relocation of Westmount Day Nursery.

Further details are available on the Projet which is online at www.sthelier.je. Or contact Constable Crowcroft for more information at constable@posh.gov.je or 07797 717933.