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Shadow Conseil Municipal Elections

Shadow Conseil Municipal Elections

On Wednesday 18th December, St Helier residents attending a Parish Assembly at the Town Hall will be asked to choose up to five members to join the Constable, Roads Committee and Procureurs du Bien Public to form St Helier’s Shadow Conseil Municipal.

The Shadow Conseil is being established to support the Parish in delivering its aim and objectives more effectively. The Assembly concluded that the proposed evolution of current arrangements would help meet the changing demands and needs of parishioners.

The Shadow Conseil is an advisory committee and, whilst it does not have any statutory powers, its establishment seeks to test the concept of a Conseil, support and advise on the development and implementation of Parish strategies and policies, and support discussions with government on development of a Conseil Municipal.

The Shadow Conseil is likely to consider a wide range of issues over coming months, including, but not limited to: climate change and environmental policies and issues, recycling and waste collection, anti-litter strategies, transport and policy issues, town vibrancy, and community support and engagement.

St Helier residents wanting to put themselves forward to join the Shadow Conseil can find out more by visiting

Parish Assembly elections to these roles will take place at 7pm on Wednesday 18th December at the Town Hall.

Additional queries can be directed to the Constable at or 07797 717933.