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Update on St Helier House

Update on St Helier House

In August, the Parish Assembly considered and agreed proposals to sell the St Helier House and Westmount Day Nursery site, subject to the inclusion of a betterment clause to ensure that the Parish and Developer shared any gain in land value following granting of planning permission[1].

Following the Assembly’s decision, Parish officials commenced negotiations with the approved bidder to finalise the sale arrangements. It has not been possible to reach an agreement for sale that meets the criteria set down by the Parish Assembly as well as the Developer’s needs. Therefore, the Parish and the Developer have decided to end negotiations and not proceed with the sale.

Having reviewed the situation and taking account of the debate that took place during the August Parish Assembly, the Constable and Procureurs du Bien Public have asked Parish officers to explore alternative opportunities for the site.

Exploratory discussions are underway with Andium Homes to consider opportunities to work together to deliver a sheltered housing facility on the St Helier House site. Jason Turner, the Parish’s Chief Executive, said: “These initial discussions are at a very early stage. Both the Parish and Andium can see the potential benefits of a scheme of this nature for the local community. Before being able to make any firm proposals we need to work together to ascertain whether it is feasible, affordable and deliverable.” Ian Gallichan, Chief Executive of Andium Homes, said: “We are delighted to have the chance to work with the Parish of St Helier to consider this exciting opportunity.”

Simon Crowcroft, Constable of St Helier, commented: “This is an opportunity to relook at our site and see if there is a different, innovative way of delivering a new type of housing for our residents in St Helier. Whilst it is very early days and discussions are only just commencing, I am impressed and encouraged by the interest and enthusiasm of the teams at the Parish and Andium to explore these ideas.”

The Parish remains committed to operating its very successful Westmount Day Nursery, based on the same site as St Helier House. The nursery cares for children aged from 3 to 5, providing a fantastic, fun and educational environment with easy access to town, People’s Park, and the beach. Constable Crowcroft said: “The Parish remains committed to providing its highly regarded Nursery. I was very pleased to hear all the positive feedback, compliments and support for the Nursery and its staff at the recent Parish Assembly.”

Contact Constable Crowcroft for more information at or 07797 717933.


[1] Minutes of Parish Assembly 7th August 2019