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Visite du Branchage 5th July

Visite du Branchage 5th July

The Branchage refers to the law which ensures that any vegetation growth that overhang roads and footpaths is cut back. This includes hedges, branches, trees, shrubs, grass and flowers etc.

Twice a year the branchage in every Parish is inspected. These inspections are called the Visites du Branchage.

The Visite du Branchage applies to all public roads including main roads, by-roads and footpaths. The first Visite is during the three weeks from 24 June and the second is during the first three weeks of September.

During the second visit of the year, road-related matters will also be reviewed whilst out in the Parish, such as road improvement schemes, proposed developments etc. This visit is known as a Visite du Branchage et Chemin.

However, Branchage must be cut all year-round so that roads and pavements are as safe as possible. By having the branchage trimmed, these areas are safer for drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and anyone else who uses them.


All persons, including co-ownership associations (for flying freehold properties) and companies (for share transfer properties) who occupy houses, lands, and other properties, alongside the public roads have a duty to cut the branchage so that there is no impediment to those using the roads and footpaths.

The landlord or land owner is not responsible if the land is rented. The branchage is the responsibility solely of the occupier.

You must make sure:

• the 'branchage' (hedges, branches and overhanging trees) has been trimmed back so as to give a clearance of 12 feet over main roads and by-roads; and

• the 'branchage' (hedges, branches and overhanging trees) has been trimmed back so as to give a clearance of 8 feet over footpaths; and

• that you clear all trimmings from the road / footpath, etc afterwards

For further information and guidance please refer to:

Financial penalty:

On the Visite du Branchage, the Connétable, assisted by the members of the Roads Committee, Roads Inspectors and the Centeniers, will visit the roads of his Parish, accompanied by the Vingteniers in their respective Vingtaines, to ensure that the branchage has been completed.

Persons who fail to comply with these requirements are liable to a financial penalty not exceeding £100 for each infringement. If the branchage has not been completed the person will be required to undertake the work and, if it is not carried out, the Parish may arrange for the work to be done and charge the person the cost of that work.

If a person does not remove the branchage in accordance with the requirements of an order he or she is guilty of an offence and liable to a penalty of level 2 on the standard scale (up to £1,000).

You can be issued with a Financial penalty at any time of the year for Branchage infractions.

St Helier Viste du Branchage dates:

• First visite du Branchage: Friday 5 July 2019

• Second Visite du Branchage et Chemin: Friday 13 September 2019