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Launch of Electric Car Sharing Club

Launch of Electric Car Sharing Club

The first Electric Car Sharing Club launches in St Helier, revolutionising Island travel

The Parish of St Helier is pleased to announce the launch of EVie, a locally-funded electric car sharing club, on Tuesday 21st January. The Parish and EVie have worked together through 2019 to bring this initiative to fruition. The first EVie electric car club vehicles, based in the Parade Gardens car park, are now available to St Helier residents, local businesses, and others.

As EVie members, Islanders will be able to book electric cars or vans from pre-approved locations around the Island starting from £7.50 an hour. Customers can join, book, unplug and go. St Helier’s Roads Committee has given permission initially for four dedicated parking spaces in St Helier - two on the Parade and two at Halkett Place. As demand grows, more spaces for EVie vehicles will be made available, leading to a more convenient, connected and sustainable transport system in Jersey.

From today, registered users will be able to book, unlock and lock electric vehicles, all via the EVie App which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play by searching ‘EVie Car Share’. Prospective customers can join the Club by registering on the website and be among the first to drive the EVie fleet. Alongside the positive environmental benefits, the launch of the EVie App should alleviate frustrations of parking availability in the centre of St Helier and provide an alternative transport option for local residents.

Constable of St Helier, Simon Crowcroft, said: “We are very pleased to have worked with EVie in this launch of an all-electric car sharing club for the Island. An electric car club is entirely consistent with the Parish and government plans to address the climate change emergency and reduce our carbon emissions. This provides an important new service for local residents and businesses alike, reducing emissions, car numbers and congestion, easing pressure on roadside parking, and providing affordable access to mobility for all.”

Gavin Breeze, Founder of EVie, said: “We are delighted to be launching EVie in collaboration with the Parish of St Helier. We strongly believe in the benefits of electric vehicles, and that the establishment of an all-electric car sharing club in Jersey will place the Island at the forefront of the global drive towards low carbon mobility. We are very pleased to be starting this initiative in St Helier, and we look forward to rolling it out through the parishes in due course.”

About EVie

EVie is an on-demand electric transport service created by Islanders for Islanders who care about the future of our home and our planet. By introducing the first affordable on-demand electric vehicle fleet to Jersey we are making an active change – striving towards a more sustainable, efficient transport system for the Island.

EVie’s mission is to make Jersey a more convenient and connected place whilst moving towards a carbon neutral community and reducing the number of vehicles on Jersey’s roads. EVie believes in the freedom of mobility – the ability to use transport on demand. As an EVie member you can hire an electric vehicle instantly or choose to pick it up at a later time or date. It’s up to you!

Electric vehicles are the future. To be one of the first to drive the all-electric on demand fleet register at

Join. Book. Unplug. Go!

For more information please contact Constable Crowcroft at or 07797 717933, or Gavin Breeze, Founder & Chairman, JEV CO and EVie, at Website:

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