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New partnership with Andium Homes

New partnership with Andium Homes

The Constable of St Helier, Simon Crowcroft, is pleased to confirm a new partnership with Andium Homes to provide certainty for the future of St Helier House.

Early discussions between the Company and the Constable have been very positive, where options are being considered which could deliver a new supply of social housing, with a percentage of the homes being placed in Parish ownership in order to reinvest their capital value of the existing site. The Parish hopes to use those new homes to deliver a sheltered housing scheme for parishioners.

Options for the redevelopment will also take full account of the current Westmount Day Nursery, and indeed include a new facility to replace the existing nursery building, providing assurance of the uninterrupted delivery of the much-valued service.

There remains much work to be done to determine the parameters and deliverability of such a scheme, and any proposals will require approval by the Parish Assembly, the Board of Andium Homes and, ultimately, Planning consent. Once an agreement has been reached, plans to demolish St Helier House will progress.

The Constable of St Helier, said ‘It is time to provide parishioners with some certainty over the future of St Helier House, which has now been empty for some time. Andium Homes has some exciting ideas for the site and has listened to our thoughts on the provision of some sheltered housing. I am pleased that a partnership approach is being taken to what will ultimately be delivered, and look forward to bringing further details of the proposals to the Parish Assembly if possible by the end of November this year’.

Senator Sam Mézec, Minister for Children and Housing, said ‘I am delighted that the Parish of St Helier and Andium Homes have reached agreement to deliver a better outcome for everyone for the St Helier House site. I was concerned with the original proposals to sell the site to the private sector, but am now pleased that this has been resolved. Naturally, I am keen to see more social housing being delivered, but I am equally pleased that the Nursery will also play a key part in the proposals being drawn up.’

For more information, please contact the Constable of St Helier, Simon Crowcroft, at or 07797 717933, or Dominique Caunce, Head of Policy & Communications at Andium Homes, at, 500713 or 07797 725245.