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Return to full enforcement of parking control

Return to full enforcement of parking control

From Monday 8th June 2020 the Parish will return to full enforcement of parking control within Residents’ Parking Zone areas. Anyone not a holder of a permit (expired permits are still valid at present) will be issued with a parking infraction notice.

In preparation for this return to full enforcement, polite notices have been issued over recent weeks requesting that vehicles parked without a permit be removed. Further guidance on renewing existing RPZ permits will be issued shortly.

Everyone is reminded to adhere to parking restrictions indicated by yellow lines, unloading bays and disabled parking bays. Delivery drivers using an unloading bay are advised to follow direction and ensure that both business name and contact number are visible, and that a parking disc is clearly displayed to identify time of arrival. Disabled bays are for the sole use of those with a valid disabled permit - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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