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Parish Assembly to consider Government offer

Parish Assembly to consider Government offer

The Parish has received a formal offer from the Government of Jersey to acquire the land required to build the access road to the new hospital.

The Parish’s two Procureurs du Bien Public received this offer and considered their response very carefully; they were particularly cognisant of debates at recent Parish Assemblies where the overwhelming view of those attending was to resist the Government’s attempts to acquire the land until more information was provided about the road design and layout.

The Procureurs concluded that the offer should be presented to a Parish Assembly. In reaching this conclusion, they recognised several key facts:

  • the Government has now made its full planning application in respect of the hospital and access road
  • the hospital team were scheduled to attend a public Parish Roads Committee meeting in early December to present and answer questions on the impact of the plans on Parish roads
  • the offer, if accepted, represented good value to parishioners, possibly more than what might be achieved through a compulsory purchase process
  • the offer included a land swap and re-provision of facilities for the Jersey Bowling Club
  • that the sale of Parish land would only be enacted if and when planning permission was successfully granted

Mr Peter Pearce, Procureur du Bien Public, said: “As Procureurs, we take an oath to take care of the Parish’s finances as we would our own, if not better. This is always paramount in our minds when considering matters such as this.” He continued: “We are conscious that the States Assembly has approved compulsory purchase as an option where a negotiated agreement cannot be reached. We have taken independent advice and we concluded that this is a reasonable offer, which, under the circumstances, represents value to parishioners, so we believe it important that the Parish Assembly has an opportunity to consider this offer at this time.”

Mr Geraint Jennings, Procureur du Bien Public, said: “It is particularly important to note that if this offer is accepted, it is done so on the condition that the land sale will only take place if and when planning permission is received.”

Full details of the proposal to be considered at the Parish Assembly are available on the Parish’s website, www.sthelier.je. &n... Parish Roads Committee will hold a meeting in public at 9.30am on Wednesday 8th December at the Town Hall to receive a presentation from the hospital team on the road layout and traffic impact of proposals.

A Parish Assembly will be held at 7pm on Wednesday 15th December to formally consider the offer received from the Government.

For further information, please contact:

Mr Peter Pearce, Procureur du Bien Public, on 639533

Mr Geraint Jennings, Procureur du Bien Public, on 280778

Further information for editors

Key components of the offer are:

  • £6½million for Parish land
  • A land swap for the land currently occupied by the Jersey Bowling Club, being provision of land and equivalent facilities at Warwick Farm
  • Some reprovision of lost parking facilities
  • Relocation of recreational facilities
  • Relocation and reprovision of trees

The acquisition will only be completed on the successful determination of the planning application for the new hospital and associated access.

Parishioners wishing to attend either the Roads Committee on Wednesday 8th December or the Parish Assembly on Wednesday 15th December should contact Alison Roberts, Parish Secretary, at alison.roberts@sthelier.je, in advance.

Full details of the proposal are available on the Parish’s website, www.sthelier.je.