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Parish of St Helier: Phase 2 Speed Limit Review

Parish of St Helier: Phase 2 Speed Limit Review

Parish of St Helier – Phase 2 speed limit review

The Parish, working with the Government’s Infrastructure, Housing & Environment Department, has considered parishioners’ concerns about additional roads that would benefit from a reduced speed limit. These proposals form part of the Government’s ‘Road Safety Action Plan’, which included a review of Island speed limits.

The Parish implemented Phase 1 of the speed limit changes on 1st March 2019, reducing the speed limit on roads within the Ring Road and Havre des Pas area. St Helier’s Roads Committee is aware that other roads outside the Ring Road may also benefit from a speed limit reduction. The Parish Roads Committee has given in-principle approval to Phase 2 of the speed limit change, which identified 59 roads that will benefit from having the current speed limit reduced.

The consultation period will run from 5th July to 30th July 2021.

The Parish Roads Committee wishes to obtain Islanders’ views - especially those of parishioners who live or work in the roads under consideration. The results of the consultation will be taken back to a future Parish Roads Committee meeting for final consideration, after which the matter will go to the Parish Assembly for ratification

The Parish has created an interactive webpage with a map identifying the roads that will be affected, and there is a short questionnaire to obtain views, please follow this link:

For more information, please contact Constable Simon Crowcroft at or 07797 717933.