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Phase 2 Speed Limit Review for St Helier

Phase 2 Speed Limit Review for St Helier

St Helier’s Roads Committee, having taken into consideration the results of the consultation and Officers’ recommendation, has agreed to implement the changes to the speed limits to 59 roads. This decision was taken to improve road safety and will encourage cyclists to feel safer on roads with reduced speed limits. The Parish will be writing formally to the Infrastructure Minister to request his support to instruct the Law Officers to undertake the necessary legislation changes to enable these new speed limits to be implemented.

The Committee noted that a large proportion of objections to the reduction of the speed limit to St Aubin’s Road may have resulted from a misunderstanding: the proposed new 20mph speed limit on St Aubin’s Road will commence just before King George V Homes (where the central island is located) and will extend up to the junction of Rue de Trachy which is in the predominately built-up area. It is not proposed that the entire length of St Aubin’s Road would be 20mph. Other arterial roads such as the Ring Road, the Esplanade, Queen's Road and Trinity Hill will remain at 30mph, while Victoria Avenue will remain at 40 mph.

The consultation raised concerns about the need to increase enforcement of the speed limits. The Constable will write to the Chef de Police and the States of Jersey Police Chief to request that enforcement of the speed limits is made a priority and enforcement levels increased.

The Constable continues to support motorsports, and confirmed that this decision will not impact the annual Jersey International Motoring Festival’s Mount Bingham and Westmount Hill Climbs, although it was acknowledged that the continuation of the Westmount Hill Climb will be subject to future plans for the road arising from the proposed new hospital at Overdale.

For more information, please contact Constable Simon Crowcroft at constable@posh.gov.je or 07797 717933.