July 2014
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St Helier Parks Team to remove dying tree at Fisherman's Cottage

St Helier Parks Team to remove dying tree at Fisherman's Cottage

The St Helier Parks Department has been monitoring a maple tree at Fisherman’s Cottage (La Collette Gardens) which has been affected by Phytophthora, a fungal disease that affects the roots. Liaison with Nick Armstrong, States of Jersey’s Arboricultural Officer, has resulted in advice being given to remove the tree.

The tree is dying due to the disease and, although not currently dangerous, it will become so as the structure weakens. The intention is to fell the tree within the next few weeks, when it will be replaced with a species of tree able to withstand this fungal infection and to suit the location.

The tree in question is located on the dividing wall/verge between La Collette Gardens and Fisherman’s Cottage; the Gardens’ paths with be closed and signage in place to ensure this work is carried out safely, with chainsaws not being used until after 8.30am.

The Parish apologises for any inconvenience the tree’s removal may cause; the tree will be replaced as soon as possible.

For more information, please contact Bob Kearsey, Director of Public Services, at robert.kearsey@posh.gov.je or 07797 730057, or Ian Syvret, Parks, Gardens & Contract Manager, at ian.syvret@posh.gov.je or 07797 735453.