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St Helier's Honorary Police tackles speeding

St Helier's Honorary Police tackles speeding

St Helier’s Honorary Police Team worked tirelessly last year to keep the Island’s roads and public safe, by training 55 Honorary Police Officers and undertaking 116 speed patrols.

Vingtenier Ben Wheaton, supported by the Parish, attended a UK speed detection trainers’ course and, since qualifying, has given training in the operation of speed detection equipment across the Island’s Honorary Police Service.

A total of 48 Officers from the other eleven parishes have received training and certification in the use of speed detection devices, and a further 7 St Helier Officers have also been trained, boosting this number to 12, with an additional 5 new Officers either currently undertaking or awaiting training. Efforts will be made to train new Officers inside their first two years of service.

During December 2020, St Helier’s Honorary Police conducted 17 speed detection patrols on various roads throughout the Parish, at the same time supporting the States of Jersey Police with the Christmas Drink Drive Campaign.

Speeding information and intelligence is gathered through speed identification devices that can been seen around the Parish, and from complaints made by parishioners. A total of 750 vehicles were monitored by Officers whilst conducting these patrols, with 63 motorists driving at speeds which have resulted in their attendance at Parish Hall Enquiries.

Whilst a large majority of the public adhere to speed limits, there is still a minority who do not. The message from the Parish, Constable and Honorary Police is that speed limits are set to protect all road users, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. If you are caught driving over these limits, you will be reported and a substantial fine levied. Repeat offenders and those driving grossly over the speed limits will find themselves before the Magistrate’s Court facing formal prosecution.

Throughout the pandemic, the St Helier Honorary Police Team has conducted many independent and joint patrols with the States of Jersey Police, providing reassurance to the public, encouraging social distancing, dealing with public disorder, and conducting curfew checks on those awaiting prosecution or released from prison with restrictions on their movements.

The past year has been like no other, and Constable Crowcroft would like to thank our Honorary Police Team, as well as the Honorary Police from all other parishes, for volunteering their own time to keep the public safe.

For more information, please contact Alison Sweeney, Parish Secretary, by email at a.sweeney@posh.gov.je or telephone: 811880.