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Repairs to Victoria Park toilets

Repairs to Victoria Park toilets

Maintenance work on the exterior of the public toilets in Victoria Park will commence on 23rd May 2022 and finish in the middle of August. This work is part of the Parish’s ongoing maintenance programme and will involve the replacement of the roof which has reached the end of its life.

The building has been scaffolded for the past two years to avoid any danger to the public resulting from loose tiles etc. Repair work was delayed due to the potential impact on the building as a result of the new hospital at Overdale. Now that Government has confirmed the Victoria Park toilets will not be affected by the hospital project, the Parish wishes to have the roof repaired to address the safety issues and to protect the historic interior of the building.

Replacement of the roof will cost in the region of £60k, which was approved at last year’s Parish Rates Assembly. Proposals for the refurbishment of the interior of the building will be presented for consideration by parishioners at a Parish Assembly as soon as possible.

For any further information please contact St Helier's Head of Infrastructure, Silvio Alves, at or 811849.