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St Helier receives Living Wage Accreditation: the first parish to agree to pay this to its more than 200 employees

St Helier receives Living Wage Accreditation: the first parish to agree to pay this to its more than 200 employees

Caritas Jersey has been licensed by the UK’s Living Wage Foundation to manage and co-ordinate the promotion of a ‘Living Wage’ in Jersey. The Living Wage campaign is one of Caritas’ three main projects - the other two being the Social Inclusion Project and the Prisoners' Families Support Scheme. The purpose of encouraging employers to sign up as Living Wage employers is to play a part in eradicating poverty in Jersey.

The Living Wage considers the cost of living, taxes and the value of benefits available to working people on low incomes. It aims to make sure that, on average, a worker receiving the Living Wage rate, topped up by in-work benefits, earns enough to be able to live with dignity and to thrive, not just survive, within our Jersey community.

Constable of St Helier, Simon Crowcroft, has this to say, “We are delighted to be the first parish in Jersey to achieve the Jersey Living Wage Accreditation. St Helier directly employs over 220 permanent colleagues in a wide range of sectors, including community, care and childcare. Achieving accreditation is important to us as it is calculated according to the real costs of living, based on a basket of household goods and services. We believe that work should be rewarded by a level of pay that can provide a basic standard of living and enables people to provide for themselves and their families. We feel that accreditation allows us to demonstrate our commitment to paying a fair wage to all staff: employees and contractors. Achieving the accreditation demonstrates the Parish’s commitment to its employees and our aims in respect of engagement with the local community. We aim to continue to be an employer of choice, and by paying a fair wage we hope to continue attracting and retaining the best people to support our strategy so that St Helier is a vibrant, safe, engaging and attractive Parish where people choose to live, work and visit.”

Jersey Living Wage Campaign Team Leader, Jennifer Bridge, said, “We are thrilled that the Parish of St Helier has been accredited as a Living Wage employer. Accreditation signals that the Parish of St Helier values those that work for the Parish, as all staff and contractors are paid at least the Living Wage.”

For further information please contact Constable Simon Crowcroft at or 07797 717933 or Caritas CEO, Patrick Lynch, on 07797 787218.