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Parish Meetings

Parish Meetings

If a company pays rates in the Parish then a person can be nominated to act as a representative of that company for the purposes of voting at Parish Assemblies.

The representative, or Mandataire, must be of full age and the Constable must be notified in writing of their full name and address at least 48 hours before a Parish Assembly. The representative can be changed at any time. If you would like to nominate a representative you can do so by completing and submitting the required form below.

Roads Committee

The Roads Committee are an elected body chaired by the Constable who meet on a regular basis, usually once a month.  Members of the public are welcome to attend the part of the meeting covered by the 'A' Agenda.

find all roads committee minutes here.

find all roads committee agendas here.

The following duties are amongst the many responsibilities of Roads Committee members:-  

  • Comment on planning applications in relation to Parish policies;
  • Assist the Connétable in determining al fresco applications;
  • Approve the annual programme of roads to be resurfaced;
  • Approve licences for highway encroachments;
  • Exercise power to purchase land for road improvement, including compulsory purchase;
  • Authorise the extinguishment of a road as necessary;
  • Approve road improvements on parish by roads;
  • Carry out a 'Visite du Branchage' twice a year

The Annual Parish ’Rates’ Assembly

The annual Rates Assembly was held on Wednesday, 12th July 2017 at 7pm in the Assembly Room at the Town Hall. A copy of the Parish Accounts, as well as the Estimates for the coming financial year, have been posted below.  The Rates Assembly was one of the busiest assembly of the whole year, with each of the Directors giving a presentation showing the wide range of duties, activities and work completed during the year and also budgeted for in the Estimates for next year ended 30th April 2018.

The Assembly unanimously voted to approve the Parish Rate of 1.15p for next year end 30th April 2018.  The Island Wide Rate was increased for non-domestic ratepayers only to 1.25p.

For more information on the Accounts and Estimates please contact  Neil Macdonald, Finance Director, on 811829 or email neil.macdonald@posh.gov.je


Ecclesiastical Assembly

The functions and operation of the Ecclesiastical Assembly are set out in Article 8 of the Loi(1804) au sujet des Assemblées Paroissiales ("the 1804 Law") and, since 2012, in Canons of the Church of England in Jersey. The 1804 Law provided for such matters as: 

  • the choice of officers of the Church,
  • the examination and approval of their accounts;
  • the distribution extraordinaire;
  • repair of the Church, of the Cemetery, and of the Presbytery, the disposition of Church pews, and of property attaching to the Rectorate; the sale of Rentes of church property ('Trésor'), for the poor ('Charité') and other property belonging to the Trésor or la Charité, and the choice of Lecteur, of Fossoyeur (grave digger), and of the School Minister, for presentation to the Dean",

but reference must now be had to the Canons for the full picture of the working structure of the Ecclesiastical Parish and its Assemblée.

The constitution (and presidency) of the Ecclesiastical Assembly is set out in section 1, above, and section 2 gives details of the membership and voting rights at the Assembly.

Conseil Municipal Meetings

The Conseil Municipal consists of the Constable, the Parish Deputies, the Procureurs du Bien Public and a member of the Roads Committee. Senior Parish staff also attend these meetings.

The meetings of the Conseil Municipal usually take place Monthly immediately prior to the Parish Assembly. Meetings begin at 6pm and are open to the public, with an agenda published on the Parish website five days in advance.

For more information on when the next one is being held please refer to our Events section on this site where you can download an agenda.