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Parish of St Helier: Climate Change Emergency Working Group

Parish of St Helier: Climate Change Emergency Working Group


At a Parish Assembly on 27th March 2019, Deputy Ward presented Projet 02/2019 ‘Climate Change Emergency’. The Assembly amended the Projet and approved the amended version.

The approved Project reads: “to agree, as proposed by Deputy Ward of St Helier, that the Parish of St Helier should declare a climate change emergency, and aim to be carbon neutral by 2025-2030. That the Constable be requested to draw up a plan to achieve this for presentation to the Parish Assembly by the end of 2019. To endorse the proposition of Deputy Ward and to request the Constable to advise the Parish Deputies and Senators of the decision of the Parish Assembly.”

In addition to the approval of the Projet, the minutes of the Assembly record that the Constable intended to set up a Working Party, whose role will be to draw up a plan for presentation to a Parish Assembly before the end of 2019 and to establish baseline data in respect of the Parish’s carbon footprint.

This web page has been developed to support the Working Group.


Deputy Ward's Project 02/2019 ‘Climate Change Emergency’ (as approved) and the accompanying report can be read here.

Terms of Reference

The Working Group Draft Terms of Reference can be read here.


The Working Group meeting papers are listed below.

24th April 2019AgendaMinutes
1st May 2019Agenda , Workshop BriefOutput from Workshop 1
22nd May 2019Agenda , Workshop Brief, SlidesOutput from Workshop 2
5th June 2019Agenda , Workshop Brief, SlidesOutput from Workshop 3
3rd July 2019AgendaPresentations from: Jersey Post , Affinity Private Wealth and Groundswell


The Working Group's deliverables, as set out in the Terms of Reference, are shown below.

a. A report that sets out the current carbon footprint of Parish activities and services and an indicative carbon footprint for the Parish as a whole.
b. A report that sets out a programme of work that aims to deliver Parish activities and services with carbon neutrality by 2025-2030. This report to include indicative implications, in terms of carbon footprint, finance, workforce, legal and existing policies.
c. A report that identifies what the Parish can do to encourage those that live and work in the Parish to become carbon neutral by 2025-2030.