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Parish Volunteers

Parish Volunteers

Interested in volunteering then we would love to hear from you!

Volunteers are an essential part of many of the services delivered by the Parish. There are already a number of individuals who willingly give of their time on an unpaid basis, undertaking activities to benefit the Parish, the community, individuals or groups and the environment. However, our services could be further enhanced the more people who are prepared to become involved.

The Parish recognises four main principles when volunteering:

Choice: - Volunteers should choose to take part of their own volition, this includes choice to undertake as few or as many hours you would wish and the choice to take a break or stop volunteering at any point, without pressure or guilt.

Community support

Diversity: - Parish volunteering opportunities are open to everyone no matter what their colour, race, religion, nationality, ethic or national origins, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, financial resources or disability; whilst ensuring the roles are compatible with the skills of the volunteer. Perspective volunteers should be aware there are specific volunteering roles that may have particular requirements under law, for example an enhanced level of Criminal Record check will be required to volunteer to work with vulnerable adults / children and for some Honorary roles within the Parish. Further information relating to each role is available on request.

Mutual benefit: - The Parish shouldn't be the only party to benefit from volunteers; volunteers should experience reward for their contribution by gaining a sense of worthwhile achievement, useful skills, experience/contacts, sociability, fun, access to training, inclusion in the life of the organisation and the wider Parish Community.

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Recognition: - We believe the Parish value it's volunteer’s contributions and strive to demonstrate this by saying thank you, inviting volunteers to social events, by providing references, training opportunities and involving volunteers in decision making process. The Parish regularly promote the achievements of volunteers in newsletters, on the parish website and social media etc.

Voluntary Positions in the Parish

Roads Committee
Accounts Committee
Rates Assessors
Roads Inspectors
Social Events Team
Community Support Team
Residential Home Volunteers
Day Nursery Volunteers

There are a number of other voluntary groups operating within the Parish which are out of the Parish of St Helier remit, but which still impact and provide a valued contribution to Parish life:

· Parish Bloom Committee

· Parish Battle of Flowers Committee

· St Helier Petanque Group

· Avranches Twining Committee

· Bad Wurzach Twining Committee

· Funchal Twining Committee


· First Tower Community Association

· Millennium Town Park

· Havre Des Pas Improvement Group

St. Helier Youth and Community Trust

This is not an exhaustive list but gives an indication of the range and scope of volunteering activities within the Parish.

If you would like to discuss volunteering opportunities within the Parish or receive further information, please don't hesitate to contact Alison Sweeney, Parish Secretary or email: