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Parks and Gardens

Parks and Gardens

St Helier has an extensive collection of beautifully landscaped gardens and parks for public access. All of them are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and many of them include cafés and playgrounds. For a full list of the parks and their facilities, please go to the Parks & Gardens information page.

Information re Garden Competitions can be found in Community in Bloom

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Parks owned and administered by the Parish of St Helier:

A guide to dogs in parks: Policing of Parks (Jersey) Regulations link:

Parade Gardens

This formal garden with raised wall beds throughout brings some beautiful colour to the centre of St Helier. It offers café and toilet facilities, as well as a junior playground.

Location: Elizabeth Place/Gloucester Street, St Helier.


Lower Park

This is an open grassland area which is suitable for events. There are many events held here which include the Battle of Flowers Funfair and VIP areas and Battle of Britain.

Location: St Aubin's Road/Victoria Avenue, St Helier.


People's Park

An open green space which is perfect for an event. It also includes a playground and a new 'keep fit' area comprising 7 individual apparatus, and can be used by adults and children over 12 giving simple exercises for toning up. Please refer to the Main Interpretation Board and individual Instruction Panels before using the equipment.

Location: Westmount Road, St Helier.



This informal wooded area is perfect for walking and has an array of native flora and fauna. The Park is full of mixed woodland, mainly consisting of conifers and evergreen oaks. But the main attraction of this Park is the breathtaking view over the bay.

Location: St Aubin's Road, St Helier.


La Collette Gardens

A Mediterranean-feel terraced garden. It comprises of a number of sheltered areas and includes a café and toilet facilities.

Location: Havre des Pas, St Helier.


First Tower Park

St Andrew's Park at First Tower has a large open grass area, which is perfect to kick a ball around in or to simply relax. The Park also includes a playground which is for all ages, and there are toilet facilities on site.

Location: Mont Cochon, St Helier.


Victoria Park

A beautifully maintained formal garden, named after the statue of Queen Victoria which takes pride of place at the centre of the Park.

Location: Peirson Road, St Helier.

South Hill

An environmental park with stunning panoramic views over St Helier and the south coast. This park also includes a small playground.

Location: Mount Bingham, St Helier.


Town Church

This open grass area is very popular as a seating area for people at lunchtime.

Location: Church Street, St Helier.


Vallée des Vaux

A green corridor leads into water gardens and various native woodlands within easy reach of town.

Location: Vallée des Vaux, St Helier.

St Helier Parks Central Nursery

A modern glasshouse block with computerised climate control system offering an energy-efficient growing environment to meet the needs for growing all plant material for St Helier. Viewing by appointment only. We hold an annual open day every springtime.


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Contact Municipal Services Department
Phone: (01534) 811708

To book an event in any of the parks or gardens, please telephone 811845.