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Peirson sculpture appeal

Peirson sculpture appeal

What is the Peirson Sculpture Appeal?

The Battle of Jersey on 6th January 1781 was a defining moment in Jersey history - the last attempt by French forces to capture the Island. Major Peirson, a young English officer, led the British troops, defying orders to surrender, but was killed in the opening phase of the battle. John Singleton Copley's epic painting 'The Death of Major Peirson' is an iconic representation familiar to all Jersey people.

Yet more than 200 years after his death, no permanent monument exists to recall the valour and sacrifice of this gallant soldier. In September 2009, however, the Parish of St Helier's Roads Committee announced plans to commemorate Major Peirson by commissioning and erecting a work of public art in a prominent and historically fitting location.

What are the plans to progress this project?

The project, which is being overseen by St Helier's Roads Committee, has two key interlinked elements:

The first is to select a suitable design and location for the work of public art, then to commission and accept the chosen artist's work, and finally to plan and arrange its erection and unveiling.

The second element is the management of the fund-raising activities needed to pay for the creation and erection of the chosen design. Initially, this requires the establishment of the appropriate financial arrangements required to accept and hold publically and privately contributed funds. Principally, however, the goal of this element is to drive the fund-raising effort required to meet the overall aspirations of the project. 

How can people get involved in the project?

Although work, including issuing a design brief, has started on the project, it is now time to broaden the effort by establishing appropriate arrangements to lead and oversee the whole project. If you possess relevant experience for either element and can find the time to become involved, please get in touch by contacting the Town Hall on 811811. 

How can people donate to the Appeal?

All donations, large or small, are welcome. Please make cheques payable to The Parish of St Helier (Peirson Appeal) and send to The Peirson Sculpture Appeal, c/o The Town Hall, St Helier, Jersey, JE4 8PA.